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by Ernesto Milanese


At the present time, the on-line Repertorio Italiano di Estimo, the “RIEonline”, consists of more than 7.780 inputs, from Giorgio Lapizaja to December 2010. This is a simplified version compared to the original one, since not all the archived information are included, but only the ones considered essential.



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GUIDELINES for a correct consultation

RIE can be consulted on line starting from the name of the main author (just LAST NAME or NAME + LAST NAME, without inversion last name/name: for instance Arrigo SERPIERI and not SERPIERI, Arrigo), from the title (whatever WORD), from the date of publication (YEAR). The publications that are then found are listed in a chronological order, in subsequent screens. 


The anonymous papers (about 175) are found writing one or more words of the title. In the search mask it is possible to select also the type of document; this can also be used as a “filter” to narrow the selection. The selectable document “types” are 13. 


The field notes (available in 3.933 record) contains not only the information regarding the link with previous or subsequent editions, but also variations in the names of the authors, in the titles or in the typographic notes, which can be found in other consulted bibliographies. In order to shorten the words, abbreviations have been used frequently. Not always abbreviations are understandable straightaway, thus the most important ones are listed below, but for a more detailed list it is possible to consult Aestimum n. 40 (June 2002).


By clicking on the ‘button’ “altro” (when existing) it is possible to view other information, such as: the abstract or summary; the link to other reviews (etc.); but it is necessary to inform you that this type of additional information is sporadic (even though the marked records are quite numerous: 1.800). In addition, it must be said that several times the information consist of a simple annotation of the Curator.

In the last line of each news the SBN acronym can appear: this highlights that the work is present in the OPAC SBN ( Here, besides the complete bibliographic description, the availability of the paper in the Italian libraries belonging to the Service is given.



The numbers anticipated by an “r” [some times by “p”] (in general inside squared parenthesis) are cross-references  to other ‘index card’ in the RIE. Each single information has a number (invariable) which it is used as an identification code (here always anticipated by the symbol  #). 


In order to receive specific information, or for giving any communication, please send an e-mail with object “RIE-on-line” to the following e-mail:


Any report regarding mistakes or omissions is welcome, as also suggestions and comments.



last update: 19-Oct-2017
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