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CESET Centro Studi di Estimo e di Economia territoriale

Aim of the Centre

In 1976, with the adoption of new statutes, the Centre defined its aims and re-started the publication of the Aestimum bulletin. In addition to that, a Scientific Committee, made of professors and experts of the appraisal, economic and judicial issues, was created.

In 1978, with the revision of the statute, the Centre adopted its current denomination of Study Centre for Appraisal and Land Economics, widening its aims:


• promotion of studies and researches in the field of appraisal, both at doctrinal and applied level;

• promotion of studies and researches in the field of land economics, with particular attention to territorial, environmental and ecological structures;

• valorization of the link with the other economic, judicial and technical disciplines, which have the same research and operational application interests;

• promotion of studies and researches in the fields of judicial and administrative issues, linked with appraisal and land economics;

• setting up of a specific appraisal and land economics archive for the collection of the studies published both in Italy and abroad, as well as documents even unpublished, deserving an appropriate dissemination;

• organization of National conferences, study seminars and round tables, for which personalities and national and foreign Bodies are invited, in order to deepen on issues of relevant interest.


Coherently with these aims, the Centre offered numerous contributions for the developing of the appraisal doctrine and for the inter-disciplinary deepening of the issues linked with Land Economics, also thanks to the collaboration with international bodies working mainly in the estate sector.

last update: 19-Oct-2017
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