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CESET Centro Studi di Estimo e di Economia territoriale

About CeSET

It is already over 30 years that Ce.S.E.T (Italian association of appraisers and land economists) is considered an important meeting place by researchers and professionals dealing with the appraisal issues. Even if the Centre remained in the founding principles of the appraisal discipline, it followed deep changes at the theoretical and methodological levels during these years, due to the increasing interdisciplinary complexity of the scientific and professional expertise involved


Ce.S.E.T. is unofficially working since 1973, but it was officially set up in Florence, with a notarial act, June 8th, 1976, as a consequence of its relocation from Milan, where it was founded in 1955 with the preeminent patronage of Giuseppe Medici and Aldo Pagani.

During all this period, the activity of the Centre has been intense and it can be testified by the Incontri di Studio, which this year are at their XXVII edition, by the Round Tables and by the Seminars, held in Florence and in many other towns.

In 1978, the Centre changed its name in the current denomination as Research Centre for Appraisal and Land Economics – Ce.S.E.T.. Today its working program has widened and the main results are represented by the Incontri, which may be considered as moments of critical thinking over on specific topics even for experts and public and private researchers, and by the publications of the Centre.

Since August 22nd, 1988 the Centre has an agreement with the Department of Agricultural and Land Economics of the University of Florence.

On October 2nd, 1993 the Ministerial Decree March 10th 1993, regarding the recognition of the corporate body of the Center  has been published in the Official Journal.


Ce.S.E.T. the meeting point for the Italian experts on appraisal


It represents an essential need for the experts and the researchers of any scientific discipline to gather together in societies, study centers and  academies, in order to promote the joining and the discussion among all the people interested on that specific topic and thus contributing to the real evolution of the same research field. 

Ce.S.E.T. is performing this activity answering to the need of the appraisal researchers. Appraisal is today going under strong revisions in terms of objectives and methods. The intuition of the founders was exactly related to an updating of the appraisal doctrine in the light of the new territorial issues. 

The Centre, founded in 1955 in Milan with the denomination of “Study Centre for Appraisal” during a national conference among the appraisal researcher, initially developed its activity focusing its attention on the methodological aspect of the appraisal discipline.

Under the direction of Prof. Aldo Pagani and the Presidency of the Senator Prof. Giuseppe Medici, several contributions and papers were published in the Aestimum periodical, which constituted for a long time the reference point for the researchers for the interesting discussions related to the numerous appraisal issues.

At the beginning of the ‘70s, the Centre moved to Florence where, under the initiative of Prof. Ugo Sorbi (at that time director of the Institute of rural appraisal and accounting), it widened its activity with the introduction of both new appraisal professors belonging to different Universities (Agriculture, Engineering, Architecture) and researchers of other disciplines (juridical, economical), but strictly linked to the appraisal issues. 

Under the direction of Prof. Sorbi (from November 1976 to February 1979, being president Prof. Emilio Romagnoli) and after, being abolished the Direction, with Prof. Sorbi as the President until February 1982, the Centre started a series of “Seminars”, which were characterized by the active and increasing participation of researchers and experts.

Afterwards, Prof. Maurizio Grillenzioni was appointed President from 1982 until 1989. 

From 1989 until February 1996 Prof. Ugo Sorbi was again President. From March 1996 until January 2004, Prof. Paolo Gajo was appointed President. From January 2004 until December 2009 Prof. Augusto Marinelli was President. From December 2009 Prof. Leonardo Casini is President. 

last update: 11-Dec-2023
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